Trellick My Balls: A word form the artist:

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to come and see the show.

I mean, what else would you really be doing on a Friday night in North Kensington? Other than something involving drugs, sex workers, or both? So, really, I am saving you from yourself.

I did intend on making an audio tour of the show, but then I remembered that I am an anonymous artist and that, essentially, I have put on an illegal art show, so I decided not to incriminate myself further by recording my voice.

To the residents of Trellick Tower, thank you. To be honest, you didn't really have a choice. I came in the middle of the night and just put it up. But still, your home (the tower) formed a large part of the inspiration for this show, so thank you.

Apologies for the obscenities, especially if you have children. But then, as you yourself no doubt know, life's road is bumpy. Just tell them not to repeat the words they see at school.

A big thank you also to those that helped make this happen. I won't name them for legal reasons, but you know who you are.

I hope you like the work. Enjoy the free beer, and crisps.

- Listen04